Bentley Minsk

Earning Their Wings

All approved and certified to exacting standards, Pre-Owned brings together the finest Bentleys with other select luxury marques. And just as a Bentley dealer has to, these vehicles must earn their wings.

Only a Bentley dealer fully validates their service history. Only a Bentley dealer will also check a Pre-Owned Bentley’s history against Bentley’s own original build specification records. So its authenticity is guaranteed. Every single Pre-Owned vehicle goes through a rigorous technical inspection carried out by Bentley trained technicians. Only then can they carry a comprehensive and exclusive Bentley Unlimited Mileage Warranty Service.

Your Pre-Owned ownership experience will also include complimentary copies of the Bentley Owners' Magazine*. You could also receive a personal invitation from your local dealer to discover how a Bentley is made in Crewe. Here you will see precision technology and generations of craftsmanship working seamlessly together. And you will understand how supreme refinement with pure exhilaration is created.

To view the latest Pre-Owned selection, run a search on your preferred choices or browse the stock list. We have access to all models across the network and will endeavour to match your specification preferences and budget.

* Due to variances between countries please contact your Bentley Pre-Owned dealer for full details.


As member of one of the largest leading dedicated luxury dealer groups in China, we are looking for a good quality Bentley at all times. We buy all Bentley models and ideally, the Bentleys we are looking to purchase are late models with low mileage and are less than 4 years old with a full service history. We offer immediate payment and nationwide collection.

Call our buying team now for a quote. Our buying team will discuss things with you in a professional and pleasant way.